Paralax Life Sciences is an investment and executive consulting group of companies for innovative implementation of medical and life science products and services in Bulgaria

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Paralax Life Sciences concept was developed in the year 2006 by Dr. Dimiter Georgiev, PhD and Vladislava Georgieva MF, as an investment and executive consulting group of companies for innovative implementation of medical and life science products and services in Bulgaria.

Paralax Life Sciences has crucial expertise in the management, consulting and performing of different activities in the life sciences sector – clinical trials for the development of new and existing pharmaceutical products, collection and storage of cord blood stem cells, introduction in Bulgaria of products for genetic testing, forensics, innovative technologies for smoking cessation and weight management, pharmaco- and cosmetic vigilance, financial analytics for the Bulgarian healthcare and structured funding for innovative projects etc. We help, as well, international life science companies to avoid costly mistakes, to improve their products or services and therefore to improve their chances for market success. Joining efforts with some well positioned NGO’s, we support qualitative and modern patient care.

Paralax Life Sciences will recommend what is required to enter Bulgarian market and devise precise strategies to create, maintain and broaden acceptance, recognition and brand awareness. We not only investigate, analyze and recommend, but we also develop, design and implement a strategic plan in order to pave your road to success. We help clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to define, demonstrate and communicate the safety and value of their products as necessary to meet the diverse expectations of regulators, physicians, and patients. We provide high-quality clinical development services to accelerate and maximize the value of our clients’ investments in the drug development process.

We work, as well, in numerous therapeutic areas: from vaccines to women’s health and have participated in many disease-prevention studies.

Competent consulting on the field of registration of drugs, food supplements, medical devices, advanced medical treatments etc. is a part of the daily life of Paralax Life Sciences company.

Paralax Life Sciences invests in different areas of the clinical and life sciences including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and health technologies. There are no fixed criteria for investment size but we expect to make aggregate investments of minimum € 50 000 in each of our portfolio companies. We will consider investing companies based anywhere in the world but we are particularly focused on Europe.

For more information on any of our portfolio companies, please click on the relevant link below:

Medical clinic Ascendent
NM Genomix / Prenatest
CCDRD | Milray | ProDuct | MilReit
SGP Biodynamicsdigene HPV test
Pharmalex Bulgaria
Life Science Projects
Institute for Medical Research

Via subsidiaries and related parties Paralax Life Sciences holds shares of:

Glaxo Smith Kline

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