Cushman & Wakefield’s BPO & Shared Service Location Index for 2015 is Out

Cushman & Wakefield, a 100-years old property consultancy company, just published a comprehensive and in-depth report on business process outsourcing locations, titled Where in the World? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Service Location Index. Head over to their website to download the full report and find out more about which factors are more likely to affect successful BPO functions worldwide. You can also find a ranked list of outsourcing locations around the world. The report ranks top outsourcing locations worldwide by assessing costs, risks and operating conditions.

Here’s a summary of the key global trends from the report

  • Costs: Rising inflation, labour and property costs in established BPO destinations such as China and India are adding to the attractiveness of emerging locations
  • Value creation: BPO providers are now looking beyond simply cost reduction to focus on innovation and customer care optimisation
  • Energy security: With Russia readily able to restrict its gas supply into Europe it is now seen as an unreliable supply partner, meaning that those countries more heavily reliant on Russian energy have now become a riskier proposition when looking to attract new BPO and shared service centre operations
  • Breadth and depth of BPO service provisions: BPO providers are now combining vertical solutions (such as claims processing, health payer business processing and loan portfolio management) with horizontal solutions (such as payroll, HR and supply chain management) to deliver effective BPO strategies
  • Language proficiency: Language proficiency remains high on the agenda for BPO providers with locations offering a turnkey labour pool, trained and equipped in multiple language skills particularly attractive
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